Advice For Buyers

We offer expert real estate advice, at no cost to the buyer, to help you navigate the complexity, variables, and decisions needed to purchase the best replacement property possible.

We bring it into focus to ensure our clients make smart decisions. Leverage our proven experience in net lease and 1031 with:

  1. Hundreds of closed triple net retail sales
  2. Vetted Team: EXP is the former Kimco Exchange Place team, the 1031 and triple net division of Kimco Realty, the nation’s largest owner of neighborhood and community shopping centers (NYSE: KIM)
  3. still links to Kimco remains EXP’s largest client.

The EXP Advantage

Means Expert Advisory Services to parties completing 1031 exchanges at no additional cost to the buyer

Why Triple Net?

  • Tenant maintains property
  • Tenant insures property
  • Tenant pays taxes directly

Passive Real Estate Income

  • Transition from management intensive property to passive ownership via triple net property
  • Simplify lifestyle
  • Older demographic looking to work less during retirement

Estate Planning

  • NNN properties with long term leases can be inherited and don’t require extensive real estate knowledge by heirs
  • Opportunity to mortgage property post-closing to pull out equity

Long Term Leases

  • Decrease risk
  • Easier to finance
  • Escalations of 1–2% annually or 10% every 5 years
  • Easier to sell because of remaining lease term

Ground Leases: Why they are a great option

  • Fee interest in the land – rent only reflects land value
  • Tenant built and paid for the building
  • On lease termination or lease expiration, the ownership of the building reverts to owner of the land
  • Building works as a security deposit
  • Long-term upside – rent reflects building and land value
  • Good for 1031 Exchange Buyers with no basis because they could not depreciate the building anyway

Major factors affecting Cap Rates

  • Location
  • Credit
  • Remaining Lease Term
  • Rent Escalations
  • Replaceable Rent
  • Rent to Sales Ratios