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McAlister's Deli
Corinth, MS
McAlister's Deli, Corinth, MS
Price: $1,185,185
CAP: 6.75

Indianapolis, IN
Goodyear, Indianapolis, IN
Price: $600,000
CAP: 8

Springfield, OH
Arby's, Springfield, OH
Price: $1,304,348
CAP: 5.75
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  Tenant City State Building Size Property Type Yield Lease Type Price Expires Status
Walgreens Huntington Beach  CA  13,722  Single Tenant Retail  NNN  $22,000,000  3/31/2036  Available 
Stop & Shop Gas Winsted  CT    Single Tenant Retail  6.35%
Leasehold  $551,000  9/30/2019  Available 
CVS Watertown  CT  12,900  Single Tenant Retail  4.7%
NNN  $4,553,000  9/30/2038  Available 
Wendy's Acworth  GA  3,094  Single Tenant Retail  5.3%
Ground Lease  $790,642  12/31/2021  Available 
Chase Bank Ground Lease Lawrenceville  GA  4,500  Single Tenant Retail  4.4%
Ground Lease  $1,966,250  5/1/2027  Available 
Enterprise Rent-A-Car Clarksville  IN  2,513  Single Tenant Retail  5.5%
NNN  $995,000  9/30/2022  Available 
A Kids World Inc. New Albany  IN  8,568  Single Tenant Retail  9.4%
NN  $650,000  2/18/2018  Available 
100 Acres Hardwick  MA    Land  Ground Lease  $2,850,000    Available 
Starbucks Salisbury  MD  1,600  Single Tenant Retail  5%
NN  $1,540,160  6/30/2025  Available 
McAlister's Deli Corinth  MS  3,920  Single Tenant Retail  6.75%
NNN  $1,185,185  5/31/2026  Available 
Union Village Shopping Center Monroe  NC  70,000  Shopping Center  7.25%
NNN  $7,370,000    Available 
100% Critical Use Fiber Optic Communications Facility Woodbridge  NJ  1,200  Industrial  6.15%
Ground Lease  $818,683  4/30/2023  Available 
Walgreens Little Egg Harbor  NJ  14,820  Single Tenant Retail  5%
NNN  $8,269,200  6/1/2032  Available 
Arby's Springfield  OH  3,312  Single Tenant Retail  5.75%
Ground Lease  $1,304,348  2/28/2026  Available 
Abzena TCRS Bristol  PA  50,000  Other  7.5%
NNN  $10,720,000  6/30/2016  Available 
Bakery Facility Moosic  PA  80,000  Industrial  11.63%
Multi Tenant  $1,100,000  1/1/2020  Available 
hhgregg (Below Market Rent) Mechanicsburg  PA  39,089  Single Tenant Retail  7%
NNN  $6,700,971  12/31/2024  Available 
Dollar General Portsmouth  RI  7,100  Single Tenant Retail  6.15%
NN  $2,032,500  1/31/2031  Available 
Dollar General Waterbury  CT  9,100  Single Tenant Retail  6%
NNN  $1,992,800  11/30/2030  Under Contract 
Winn Dixie Tallahassee  FL  51,515  Single Tenant Retail  6.5%
NNN  $5,547,769  12/31/2033  Under Contract 
Goodyear Indianapolis  IN  6,488  Single Tenant Retail  8%
NN  $600,000  5/31/2020  Under Contract 
Wendy’s Midland Park  NJ  3,341  Single Tenant Retail  5.85%
NNN  $3,632,940  4/30/2027  Under Contract 
Edmond University Village Edmond  OK  33,825  Shopping Center  6.75%
NNN  $7,354,770    Under Contract 

* Note: For properties marked with an asterisk, if buyer is represented by a broker, then that broker must be compensated by buyer.

This information has been obtained from sources deemed reliable, however EXP Realty Advisors, Inc. does not guarantee, warranty or represent its accuracy.  It is the Purchaser's responsibility to independently confirm the accuracy and completeness of the information contained herein.


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